Stressie Cat Originals began with a single painting of my black cat, Memo. Abandoned as a kitten, she was extremely anxious. When I adopted her, she hid under my bed for several days, but late one evening, she jumped on my bed and slept quietly besides me, purring sweetly. That was when our adventures together began.

Where ever I went she was no more than two feet away. At my feet, on my desk, in my studio, on the sofa, in the kitchen and on my bed; she even sat on the edge of my bath while I bathed. She seems so elegant and gentle, but out of no where she flies off the handle and become an erratic creature, darting all over the place. The minute she caught me looking, she'd give a half meow as if to say, "Oh, you saw that, did you?" and look away, seemingly embarrassed. While trying to figure out what goes on in her little head, a whole new world of inspiration for illustrations and paintings emerged as Stressie Cat Originals.

Shortly after, I adopted Joey; a fluffy ginger cat, who loved dipping his paws in paint and knocking paintbrushes off my desk. Then Simba came crashing into my life...


Simba, the Catahoula Leopard with a genuine love for life, hikes and tennis balls.

Joey is bossy, cuddly and a little bit grumpy if he doesn't get his way.

Memo aka Stressie Cat & Queen of the house.

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